New the most greatest drone DJI Mavic Pro 2

  • July 06, 2018

New the most greatest drone DJI Mavic Pro 2

When it comes to pushing the boundaries of unmanned aerial vehicles that fit into a backpack or a tiny purse, the DJI was the top - Mavic Pro made a 4 kg flight, quite portable, and we called Mavic Air the best bummer.

But you might want to stop by buying one of them, because it looks like the new DJI Mavic 2 just leaked out. DroneDJ published this photo, which is currently being distributed on the Internet, as well as some assumptions about how the new drone can match those we already know.

New the most greatest drone DJI Mavic Pro 2

The most interesting possible improvement: a modular camera that you can swap to change your propshaft, sensor and possibly even the field of view of the camera. (In the Mavic range, DJI does not have the same wide-angle lenses as the Phantom series, so you see less light in your picture.)

It also seems that a drone can have a 360 degree obstacle prevention, which can be a big problem depending on the software. (Look at my video below to find out what Skydio drone can do with all the cameras with a solid sphere, helping him evade objects.)

And if you look closely to the left of the leaked image, it seems that the stabilized Mavic 2 engine can become a portable pocket cardan.

It seems that we will need to update our Mavic Air vs. soon. Mavic Pro compared to DJI Spark. But maybe not right away, because DroneDJ also says that although the company planned an event on July 18 to launch a potential product, the event is now pushed aside.