Samsung might use 100% renewable energy in 2020

  • July 08, 2018

Samsung said on Thursday it intends to transfer its existing facilities, offices and plants in the US, Europe and China to 100 percent renewable energy sources for two years.

Samsung might use 100% renewable energy in 2020

In Korea, the company is preparing to turn Digital City headquarters into a paradise for solar panels, installing panels of 42,000 square meters throughout its home. This is about six football fields, worthy of solar, energy well-being right there.

In addition, by 2020, it will install solar panels and generate geothermal energy on the Pyeongtaek campus and the Hwaseong campus.

"As demonstrated by our expanded commitment, we focus on protecting our planet and doing our part as a global environmental manager," said Executive Vice President Won Kyong Kim.

Samsung will also be approaching partners in its supply chain, working with 100 of the largest companies to help it establish and achieve its own renewable energy goals. He will also consider the possibility of joining the Supply Program with carbon sales targets that help companies monitor and manage their environmental impact next year.

In April, the rival smartphone giant Apple said that all its facilities, stores, offices and data centers around the world now use 100 percent renewable energy. It looks like a little catching up for Samsung and does not come too long after Apple really stepped up its advertising campaign on climate change and the production of phones built using 100 percent renewable energy.