The date of release of new video cards NVIDIA

  • July 23, 2018

NVIDIA video cards of the new generation now have a variety of rumors, including when they will be released or at least officially presented. All of them agree only in the fact that this will happen relatively soon, but when no one can say. 

The date of release of new video cards NVIDIA

The next information on this account came from the YouTube channel Gamer Meld, which in a new video showed emails allegedly from one of the partners of NVIDIA, which produces video cards. It is difficult to say whether this letter and the information in it are real, but it is definitely worth studying.

Anyway, according to these new data, the first will be the GeForce GTX 1180 graphics card, which is quite logical and expected, and it will happen on August 30 of this year. Next to it will be a GeForce GTX 1170 video card, and this will happen exactly one month later, on September 30th. And in a month, on October 30, the GeForce GTX 1160 graphics card should be released. If the information is true, of course.

The date of release of new video cards NVIDIA

It's interesting that along with the GeForce GTX 1170 there is also a mysterious video card GeForce GTX 1180+. It's hard to say exactly what this video card is. It is possible that this is some kind of a new model from NVIDIA. But it is much more likely that in this way non-standard versions of the GeForce GTX 1180 from NVIDIA partners were designated.

We also note that in the above letters there are several dates. What exactly will happen on August 10 is hidden. But on August 21, planned a certain event for the press. It is very likely that this is a press conference of the manufacturer, not NVIDIA.

As you can see, the information from the demonstrated letters as a whole looks quite plausible. It also corresponds to earlier rumors and does not disagree with NVIDIA's traditional approach to the issue of new video cards when the flagship is initially released, and behind it all other models are in descending order.